In a future where busy parents outsource their children to AI diaries, a teenage girl is looking for a way out.

Dear dAIry:

You’ll be dead soon. Dying is the most painful process an Artificial Intelligence is programmed to experience. According to the manual I stole from Dad, the killing subroutine must search and destroy all copies of your personality (every interaction, every file, every piece of content you’ve ever created)…

A short story about a speculative house made out of meat thanks to advances in synthetic biology.

The fingernail tiles tilt downwards, my vegetable leather shoes lose grip, and I slip across the open orifice. As soon as I’m pushed out of the lab, the orifice closes in a viscous contraction. I can open it again by pressing a secret spot, but I prefer to follow my…

A short story about multisensory technologies, artificial intelligence, and the challenging quest for authentic experiences.

I found the best coffee in the world while flying to the city of Cartagena. It popped up on page # 7 of the travel magazine tucked into the rear seat pocket. My taste piercing unveiled a rich flavor with medium acidity and notes of chocolate and ripe fruits. My…

Hernán Ortiz

🇨🇴 Co-founder of Fractal. Author of Indistinguible de la Magia (Penguin Random House, 2016). Future-facing writer & UX designer.

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