• diamond


    Things I do: write, trapeze, video game marketing, and adventure. I also own a dragon (commonly known as a Chinese crested)

  • Federico Builes

    Federico Builes

    Boat builder.

  • J Sebastián Salazar

    J Sebastián Salazar

    Opiniones personales

  • Lorena Lage

    Lorena Lage

    UX / Content strategist

  • Sofia Achaval

    Sofia Achaval

  • Santiago Torres

    Santiago Torres

    // Code Crafter, Non-conventional Alchemist, Maker, Software Engineer & Tech-savvy // #code4life

  • Santiago Zubieta

    Santiago Zubieta

    Loves Beer, Physics, Computers, Arts, Books, You.

  • BichoDoMato


    UNIK CONTENT PROMISE ••• Stories notifications https://bit.ly/2ZR516s ••• You will be entertained in many ways. Buckle up!

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